Establishing a solid email signature is imperative for a successful email marketing campaign

Do you have an email signature? If you’re like most people, you may have one that lists your name and basic contact information, but you most likely don’t see it as a marketing opportunity.

You should think of your email signature as an opportunity to promote your business and capture leads.

Here’s the signature I use for people who are not already MarketVolt clients:

p.s. Get Free E-Mail Marketing Tips:
“10 Secrets to Write Email Subject Lines that Sell”

p.p.s. Please check out my twitter feed —
Daily interactive marketing tips and other ideas and observations to help you grow your business.

(My contact info follows the p.s. and p.p.s)

A p.s. is an effective copy writing technique. Readers tend to look at a p.s., even if they skim the content above. The first p.s. offers readers something of value — that’s free. The topic reinforces MarketVolt’s expertise in the field while simultaneously offering a favor — free assistance — to the reader.

Those who click through and get the report are added to my prospecting database and begin to get follow-up emails from me. The first actually explains how I executed the campaign. That shows them how powerful the MarketVolt system is and how they could do the same thing with their marketing.

The p.p.s. invites people to check out my twitter page. Twitter is not for everyone so I don’t expect everyone to click through. But those who do click will most likely follow me. That opens a new communication channel for me to promote products and services to this prospect, and it puts me one degree of separation away from many others who are connected to this prospect.

I used to put only my contact info in my signature. But since I put an interactive call to action in the signature, I’ve generated several leads that I might otherwise have missed.

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