A seal of approval

Have you asked happy clients for testimonials in the past three months? Do you publish testimonials in all of your marketing material? If you answered no to either of these questions, you have some work to do.
Testimonials sell. Every time you make a claim about your products and services, skeptical prospects are thinking, “Prove it!” Testimonials offer such proof. Here are a few tips to collect and use testimonials most effectively.

Don’t be shy. If you have happy clients, you have people who will give you testimonials. Just ask – when you’re on the phone with them, in client feedback surveys, when you see them at a networking event. Make it a regular part of your client communications.

Include testimonials in all of your marketing content – your web site, email newsletters, print brochures and anything else your prospects will see. Update testimonials frequently.

Be careful what you claim in testimonials. Responding to outrageous advertising claims (“I lost 150 pounds without exercising”), the federal government has established new rules that govern testimonials. Don’t let the rules frighten you away from using testimonials, but make sure you follow them.

For more details about these rules and more detailed tips about how to use testimonials to grow your business, go to www.marketvolt.com/testimonial-tips

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