Experts4Entrepreneurs is one of MarketVolt's many e marketing clients seeking help with their email campaigns

Imagine walking into a networking event with 1,000 people in the room. All of a sudden, the sea parts. And on one side of the room, you see 500 people who have absolutely no interest in what you sell and what you do. On the other side of the room are true prospects who have some interest. Which side of the room will you visit?

What if you could do this — identify the true prospects and separate them from the suspects — so you could focus your precious time and energy on visiting the side of the room where the interested parties reside.

Email marketing helps you do this. In this video below, I explain how.

This video was shot at an Experts 4 Entrepreneurs event. Experts 4 Entrepreneurs is a unique business community, committed to sharing mission critical resources for entrepreneurs and family businesses. I’m one of more than 30 experts who volunteers my time and shares my knowledge to help those in the community build their businesses successfully. Our goal with e4e is to give you a community with which you can connect so you don’t fly alone.

Our “Don’t Fly Alone” seminar series is designed to help you focus on taking action that leads to success.

Go to to join the free online community where you can connect with other small  business people and meet the other experts.

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