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We hear from many small business people who want to save a few bucks on their email marketing program and do it without a paid service. They say, “I can do the same thing you offer by creating and sending emails through my desktop email software. I create the email; paste the email addresses in to the BCC line; press send, and I’m done. It easy, and it’s free.”

Here are nine reasons that’s a bad idea and using a reputable and reliable email service provider like MarketVolt makes sense: 

  • Your emails will look better — across multiple email clients. Better-looking, better-formatted emails lead to better results.
    We know how to format emails so they look great in ALL email software — and on both desktops and mobile devices. MarketVolt has built-in templates that make it simple for non-technical users to create great-looking emails. MarketVolt automatically and simultaneously creates graphically rich and text-only versions of your email. When recipients receive your email, the correct version (text or graphically rich) appears depending on their email software. Two choices if you try to do this using your desktop email software, 1) Work twice as hard to get the same result or 2) Send an email that doesn’t look as good (which will generate much less response).
  • You can personalize your emails
    MarketVolt makes it simple for you to add a recipient’s name, company, or other personalized data to the subject line or body of an email. Countless studies have proven that open and click-rates increase dramatically if you personalize an email’s subject line or salutation. Higher open rates mean greater response and more sales.
  • More of your emails will get through, meaning you’ll have better results.
    MarketVolt knows how to format emails so they have the best chance of getting through spam filters. And we maintain relationships with top internet service providers and spam filter companies so they know we’re reputible. This is something we spend time and effort doing. When you first send bulk email from your desktop, spam filters and internet service providers may not notice. But the more often you send, the more they’ll notice, and the more they’ll block you — unless you actively manage those relationships and play by the rules. Over time, fewer and fewer of your emails will get through, meaning your chances of success diminish.
  • You’ll comply with federal anti-spam laws without jumping through hoops or crack a law book.
    The federal government’s CAN-SPAM act applies when you send commercial email to anyone who has not explicitly opted-in to receive your emails. And the requirements are lengthy. MarketVolt automatically puts you in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act with templates that meet all of the requirements. If you do it yourself from the desktop, you should probably consult with a lawyer, and you should be prepared to manually process opt-out requests (something MarketVolt does for you automatically).
  • You don’t have to fuss with bounceback messages and manually deleting people who opt-out.
    See above. When you send email from your desktop, you will inevitably receive replies from people who say, “Stop sending me emails.” And you will received bounce messages because you sent to a bad address, the mailbox was full or you were blocked by a spam filter. If someone opts-out, you’ll have to manually delete that person from your email list and then keep track of that fact as you build lists in the future. If you don’t, you’ll send email to someone who explicitly asked you not to do so — a bad business practice that also happens to violate federal law. MarketVolt has a link built-in to its templates allowing recipients to opt-out from your list with one click. When they opt-out, MarketVolt’s built-in database keeps track of that fact so you don’t have to worry. If a MarketVolt email bounces because of a bad address, MarketVolt automatically processes the bounceback and prevents future delivery to that bad address. No manual processing of records. No worries that you’ll acidentally send email to people who asked not to get it or who don’t exist.
  • You’ll stay off blacklists and avoid having your email blocked.
    If you do it yourself from the desktop, you dramatically increase the odds that your domain will be blacklisted by spam filters so that ALL emails — not just your bulk ones — will be blocked. We’ve seen it happen repeatedly. You send your bulk email to a few hundred people, including a few at Acme.com. The spam filter at Acme.com doesn’t like your email and tags it as spam. A few weeks later, your company president sends a single email about a proposed business deal to the company president at Acme. Oops. The spam filter at Acme doesn’t like email from your network so that super-important email doesn’t get through. With MarketVolt, Acme’s spam filter will like your bulk emails more and be less likely to block them. In the unlikely event that Acme blocks your bulk emails, that’s OK because those emails have come from MarketVolt’s network. The individual email from your president to Acme’s will still get through.
  • You can track results which helps you identify who is interested in your products and services.
    MarketVolt tells you who opened your emails, who clicked on each link, and who used the built-in forward-to-a-friend form to share the email. This information can be invaluable in helping you identify true prospects so you can follow-up more efficiently. Wouldn’t it be nice to call or send a follow-up email to people who welcome treat you like a welcome guest, rather than an unwanted pest? Tracking helps you separate prospects from suspects so you can sell more quickly to people who are truly interested in your products or services.
  • You can segment and manage your list with ease, saving you time and effort.
    With MarketVolt you can sort and sift through contacts with our built-in search engine, allowing you to segment your list with ease. Want to send an email to people who live in a certain state? Want to sort your list by industry and send to one or two selected segments? No problem. We’ve designed MarketVolt to remove all the headache and hassle from managing and email list so you can focus on getting your message to the right people at the right time.
  • We have your back. 
    When you work with a reputible email service provider like MarketVolt, you have a team of email marketing experts at your disposal. Have a question? Just call. Having a problem? You can turn to us to solve it. If you fly alone, you’re alone. And that’s not a comfortable state when you’re pulling your hair out trying to create and deliver that email. 

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