Publishing a blog is one of the best ways for any business to attract a following, build relationships and trust, and ultimately sell more.

Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger is one of the best resources for anyone who wants to blog better.

A recent post on ProBlogger recently caught my eye: “Blogging for Startups: 10 Essential Tips to Make it Work

Written by Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout, the post offers great tips for any business — not just startups — that seek blogging guidance. The post describes not only how to produce content, but also how to promote it.

The post also makes a great point about email:

While it is useful for your brand to engage on all of the essential social media platforms, you’re dooming yourself to failure if you aren’t placing emphasis on email. Email is the greatest way to provide customers value, to drive consistent and reliable traffic back to your site, and to … oh yeah, make more sales. This is especially true if your startup is in the enterprise software or B2B spaces, because email crushes social media in those areas. (my emphasis)

Amen, Mr. Ciotti. As we often say, we don’t see this as competition. It’s not about email versus social media. But it is about balance and emphasis. Before you de-emphasize email, pay attention to the experts, or — better yet — measure results. You’ll discover that email still works well — in some cases, better than ever.

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