We are pleased to announce that MarketVolt has successfully completed a round of private capital investment. This is exciting news because it paves the way for us to grow as a company, enhance our email software and add new service offerings.

MarketVolt started in 2001 as a business unit of Foundry Software Development Company. In March of this year, Peter Shinkle became the managing partner of MarketVolt, LLC. His investment resulted in the spinoff of MarketVolt from Foundry Software. The Foundry continues as an investor. Tom Ruwitch, MarketVolt’s founder and senior marketing strategist, as well as the entire MarketVolt team, remain with the company.

Improvements Coming Soon

We recently hired a new chief technologist, Bill Langton, who will lead development of software upgrades. Planned upgrades include improved editing tools, enhanced scheduling of email deliveries, and integration of MarketVolt with other applications. Your feedback can help us improve our software. Please send your ideas to suggestions@www.marketvolt.com.

Our plans for the future include more than just software. Peter will lead expansion of our content creation services for our clients. His past experience includes marketing manager at Alberici Corp and before that 19 years of professional journalism.

Our commitment

We at MarketVolt are extremely proud of the relationships we’ve built with all our clients. Many of you have been partners with us for more than a decade, and some for only a few weeks. We thank all of you for your patronage and promise to commit our resources to helping you achieve your marketing goals.