I commonly hear this objection from business people considering email marketing: “I would like to get started with email marketing but my email list is not big enough.”

I call this the “small list myth.” The reality: A business can profit significantly from email marketing even with a tiny list.

Here’s an example…

Last month, I hosted a marketing how-to seminar for 30 small business people. I collected business cards at the end of my presentation and said I would email them in the next few days. Using the MarketVolt email engine, I sent a follow-up email that included links to the slides from my presentation and a free marketing eBook.

Using MarketVolt’s tracking capabilities, I saw that 22 of 30 recipients opened the email, and 14 of those who opened clicked one or more links in the email. A few days later, someone from our staff called those who opened the email (starting with those who clicked) to follow-up.

Three of those businesses have become MarketVolt clients. Others remain active prospects and may soon become clients. That’s excellent return on investment.

Most business people who say their lists are too small, have at least a few dozen prospects in their database. Odds are good you can convert a few extra sales even with fewer than 100 people on your list. We converted three sales from a list of 30.

How much is one extra sale worth to you? In most businesses, the value of just one more customer exceeds the cost of one month of email marketing. In some businesses, one new customer can pay for months or years of email marketing. That one customer may be lurking in a tiny list of prospects. If you can convert a few extra sales now, why wait?



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