Earlier this week, an article featuring my recommendations for email marketing appeared in The Daily Egg, a popular blog that offers tips regarding online marketing — particularly conversion optimization, web design and copywriting.

At the end of the article, the publisher included the following promotion at my request: 

Don’t Miss This…

Tom is offering a free ebook to Daily Egg readers called High-Voltage Marketing: Powerful strategies and tactics to attract leads, engage prospects, convert sales, and maximize the lifetime value of customer relationships—productively and profitably. You can download it here.

The download link sent readers to a landing page where they could enter their name and email to receive the book and join the MarketVolt mailing list.

In less than a week since the article ran, dozens of people have downloaded the book and joined our list. Those are people interested in improving their interactive marketing, people whom we want to serve at MarketVolt.

If you don’t believe that inbound, content marketing works, think again.

I just established a relationship with more than 50 people who before this week had never heard of me or MarketVolt — people who now trust me enough to say, “Yes, I’ll give you my email in exchange for more of your content.”

Now it’s up to me and my marketing staff to demonstrate the promise of our company, to provide additional value through the emails we send. Many of those on the list may discover the value of our products and services. Without the book offer in the article, those readers would have read The Daily Egg that day and disappeared without me knowing they existed.

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