At MarketVolt, we often get asked about improving subject lines. Can a subject line increase my open rate? The answer is yes, and the next question is how?

Our friends at Geile/Leon marketing agency — who also happen to be our clients — have written a great blog postOptimize Your Subject Lines for Email Success. 

Just like fashion, food, and all other fads, email has trends too. Geile/Leon reminds us to keep subject lines short and sweet because many people quickly check email on their smart phones or tablets. That doesn’t leave room to see or read a long subject line. Tell readers exactly what will be in the email body, in just a few words.

For more subject line tips, check out the post on Geile/Leon’s site.

And, as always, you can download MarketVolt’s 10 Secrets to Write Subject Lines that Sell by clicking here

p.s. We love Geile/Leon’s logo!

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