MarketVolt is a highly cost-effective tool for email marketing, delivering great return on investment. But did you know that you can reap even more financial rewards by referring us a new customer?

Under MarketVolt’s Referral Policy, if you refer us someone who becomes a customer, we will provide you with a credit of 15% of the new customer’s first year license fee. This is just another way that MarketVolt helps you drive down your marketing costs.

We understand that our customers are extremely busy and that it takes time to make a referral. Our credit is a gesture intended to say thank you.

To make a referral, we ask that you recommend us to a person at the referred company and also place us in direct contact with the person you referred us to.

MarketVolt is growing quickly, thanks in part to our clients who have made referrals. Our Referral Policy is also spelled out on our Web site here and in our contracts. If you have any questions, please just contact your MarketVolt Marketing Advisor or our Support Desk.

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