Integrating social media into your e marketing strategy is imperative

When integrated well, email marketing and social media can generate the highest ROI of all marketing tactics. There are a variety of ways to use the two together, some simple, and done regularly, and others more strategic.

We also encourage you to use your social media channels to capture new addresses for your email marketing database. By adding an email signup form on a tab on your Facebook page and providing tweets and posts that include a link to your signup form, you can greatly boost lead generation.

Finally, remember to promote your email newsletter and then to also publish it to your social media channels. We recommend that you publish that link several days after you mail the newsletter to your subscribers. You want subscribers to benefit from opting in. If you immediately publish your newsletter on social media as soon as you email it, those on social media and email may have no more incentive to stay on the email list.

Here’s a great article with more on how to integrate your email and social media:  “21 Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media.”


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