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The same is true for NBC this month during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Every time viewers tune into NBC, its cable stations and online properties, they will find exclusive content that they can’t find elsewhere.

Earlier this week, NBC premiered The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Why now? Easy. The network has a huge captive audience watching The Olympics. Promote the new show repeatedly during the games. Encourage viewers to “tune in tonight.” And, voila, you have a massive audience for your premiere.

NBC paid $775 million for rights to broadcast the Sochi Olympics and the network will reportedly spend more than $100 to produce the telecasts. Wow!

Why spend nearly $1 billion? Because exclusive content sells — especially when it’s scarce! The Winter Olympics occur every four years (scarce) and only one network gets to broadcast the games in the USA (exclusive). The network will draw a huge audience, against which it can sell advertising. The network will reportedly sell enough advertising to profit on these games.

On top of that, NBC will gain more viewers for its other shows. Viewers who want to see the exclusive interview with yesterday’s gold medal winner will watch the Today show.  Hockey fans will discover the NBC Sports Network. And many who might have missed him will find Jimmy Fallon. Many of those viewers will stick with NBC after the games.

As you develop and hone your marketing strategy, devise ways to create exclusive value in your various networks. Create email-only content. Post things on Facebook that you share only on Facebook.  Don’t copy every tweet to your LinkedIn or Facebook feed. Create unique value in every channel you use. You’ll give your followers a reason to tune in.


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