MarketVolt today launched a suite of enhanced email templates that will maximize the appearance of emails that customers send and are subsequently opened on mobile devices.

The five new templates are found in MarketVolt’s array of basic templates for users to select from when creating a new template for an email. All of the emails have names that begin with the phrase “Mobile-Friendly.”

The dominant feature of the new templates is that they are designed to ensure they scale to the appropriate size for a mobile device.


While many of our previously existing templates fared well on mobile devices, the new templates are designed to ensure a high-quality presentation. The practical purpose of the new templates is to avoid the need for recipients to swipe an email back and forth in order to read it on a mobile device.

“Our users need to have the best possible tools to send great-looking emails — wherever people open them,” said Sarah Wright, MarketVolt’s Training and Support Manager, who created the new templates.

The images below show how one of the templates would appear on a mobile phone.

If you have any questions about which template to use, you might want to discuss them with your MarketVolt Marketing Advisor.

This is the latest in a series of ongoing enhancements to the MarketVolt application.