There’s a good chance you are reading this post because you clicked a link in a social media post or in an email we sent to you.

Most of our traffic to this site comes from such links, not from people who remember to visit this site.

We prefer it that way. That’s one reason we don’t include the entire article in our email newsletters. Instead, we fill our emails with excerpts that link to read more. 

Here are three reasons you should do the same:

  1. Readers have short attention spans. If you fill your emails with long articles, rather than short excerpts, readers won’t stick with it. They’re less likely to see the items at the bottom of the email, and they’re less likely to open the next email. Those who are interested in the excerpt will click to read more.
  2. With email marketing software like MarketVolt, you can track who clicked through to read more. This helps you identify your best prospects so you can sell more efficiently.
  3. Shorter emails (excerpts, rather than full articles) require less time and effort to produce.

Of course, to accomplish this, you must have a web site where you can easily post content. We’ve built this blog — and our company site ( on the WordPress. With WordPress, we can easily add a post like this one in minutes — without relying on programmers or designers to help.

We’ve built dozens of WordPress web sites for clients who used to find it impossible to add new content to their sites. Now they can easily create a post on their site and then link to it from email and social media.


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