The web offers countless stock photography options if you need photos or graphics for your emails, social media posts or web site. But prices and quality vary. Which ones are best? Here are five of our favorites. There are many others available, but we always find what we need by relying on these five sites.

Huge selection of high-quality stock photographs. We also use Canva for creating social media graphics for clients. It is affordable and easy to use. You can make professional looking graphics without being a graphic designer.

Great selection of images at affordable rates. Flexible pricing models depending on your needs. This is the site we visit first when we’re looking for photos or graphics.


A collection of public domain images updated every week. The selection is not as broad as some stock sites. But the price — FREE — is right.



More expensive than some, and your pre-paid credits expire (which really bugs us). But we often find our way here when we can’t find what we want elsewhere. The selection is great.


We like this site because it has a decent selection of free images. Like all the other sites, you get what you pay for — less selection and slightly lower quality. But we often find what we need here.


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