MarketVolt client Aero Charter unveiled its new-and-improved email newsletter last week. The newsletter demonstrates many best practices for email newsletters so we wanted to share it here with you and offer some analysis.

You can click here to see an archived version of the newsletter. We’ve also included a screen capture of the newsletter below…

Good email newsletters speak to all potential audiences. Most businesses have a variety of products and services and different target markets. Your newsletter should include a little bit of everything for everybody.

Aero Charter offers charter airplane service for people who want to travel in luxury and bypass commercial travel. The company also sells aviation electronics (avionics) to airplane owners and operators. Different services, different audiences. This newsletter includes items about the charters, avionics, and other aspects of Aero’s business. A little bit of everything for everybody.

The newsletter is also full of value — not just a series of product pitches. Your newsletters should entertain, educate and inform, not just pitch.

Aero also uses curated content, linking to a manufacturer’s web site with valuable information about a new federal equipment mandate for airplane owners. Aero could have created a page on its own site with similar information but chose, instead, to curate someone else’s content. This saves time and money.

As part of our 5in25 webinar series (5 marketing tips in 25 minutes), we recently launched “Five Ways to Create the Perfect Email Newsletter.” In this webinar, we elaborate on newsletter best practices and describe the Aero newsletter in more detail. You can download a webinar replay for free by clicking here.



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