When businesses struggle to achieve their content marketing goals, the first question I ask is, “Did the business have a good content plan and calendar?” Most often the answer is “no.”

A content calendar can be the difference between success and failure especially in email marketing. Too often, we see businesses that commit to a monthly email newsletter only to struggle every month as the deadline approaches.

It’s easy to create a publication calendar. We use Google’s free calendar system built into Gmail. Here’s a very basic content calendar similar to the one we use ourselves:

  • Develop preliminary list of content topics (first Thursday of the month).
  • Finalize list of content topics (second Tuesday).
  • Complete first draft of newsletter (third Tuesday).
  • Collect feedback for revisions (fourth Tuesday).
  • Complete final draft (fourth Thursday).
  • Deliver email (first Tuesday).

By scheduling these tasks in advance, we are more likely to complete them. Without a calendar like this, businesses reach the first week of the month and try to pack all the activities in a tiny time-frame.

Still more than you’re ready to tackle? MarketVolt can help you with any or all facets of your marketing campaign. The image above is part of the publication calendar we use to create newsletters on behalf of a client.

We can also help you with content planning. We’ve developed a process to select the right topics to cover in your email, social media, blogs and other content — topics that will help you improve response rates.

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