What is the first thing you would do if your furry friend went missing… panic and drive around your neighborhood? Hope that someone calls? Time is of the essence, so instead of posting missing photos around town, use a digital solution to find your pet faster. Our friends over at Kennelwood Pet Resorts have successfully been helping reunite pets with their owners via Email and Facebook for five years in the St. Louis area.

“Mimi Alerts” is a free program provided to the community that Kennelwood created. It is used by Kennelwood to locate the owner of a pet found wandering, and help find a missing pet for owners who turn to Kennelwood. They use MarketVolt to create a descriptive email including a photo, and send it out to all of their clients and other contacts in the zip code where the pet was found/lost. With great success, they have so far reunited 176 pets with their owners.

Meghan Dyonzak, the Marketing Manager at Kennelwood, said they’ve had a “huge response to the mailings. The pet lovers put themselves in the position thinking it could happen to them. Because our clients care and can help another pet owner, they will. We know the feeling when someone loses their four-legged fur baby, so we have to react right away. Email’s a quick and easy way to reach our client base.”

As most of us know, Kennelwood trains, boards, grooms, and provides a day camp for our pets. Therefore, Mimi Alerts is not the only way Kennelwood reaches out to their audience. They also send out event reminders, promotions, newsletters with pet tips and Kennelwood updates. With Mimi Alerts, they reinforce how much they truly care for pets. It really underscores that they will give your pet the best treatment possible and enhances their brand by being an all-around resource for pet parents.

Kennelwood is a perfect portrayal of how email marketing is not just about sending a monthly newsletter. They found a creative but very useful way to help the community and always be in front of their clients and prospects. It’s a great way to sustain repeat business from their current customers, and constantly convert others to use their services.

For more information on Kennelwood’s Missing Pet program, check out the details on their website!

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