I’ve heard that you’re more likely to read an article with the word ‘sex’ in the title, so I wanted to try it out. But now that I’ve got your attention, I do have an arousing fact for you. A recent poll revealed that 8% of people “admit to checking [their email] after sex”. So while email isn’t an aphrodisiac, it does compel users enough to check in bed.

If your significant other looks at the phone, tablet, or computer for missed emails, don’t feel bad because you aren’t alone! Welcome to the world of constant connection.

All jokes aside, this statistic proves that email still exists in our lives (and in almost every aspect).

The survey done by My.com, was conducted this year with 1,000 internet users about email habits. They found that 90% of the surveyed “compulsively” check email. With the increase of mobile phone usage, the compulsion makes sense because we have the ability to look at email anytime, anywhere.

Some people are quick to diagnose email as ‘dead’. Not only is it still alive, but studies show it is growing. This year email accounts increased from 3.9 billion to 4.9 billion. That’s 10 BILLION more people you can connect with this year.

With such a hungry email crowd, you need to feed them interesting information, promotions, events, etc., with a mobile-friendly look. Cater to the needs of the changing email market to remain an appealing brand. Your presence in their inbox is proven to lead to sales and convert prospects to clients…and you never know where your subscribers are checking.

The lesson here is that if you are using email in your marketing strategy, keep up the good work! And if your business is not participating in email, you may want to ask yourself why.

To find out more surprising email habits from the survey referenced, click here.

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