Our friends at the American Marketing Association (AMA) of St. Louis struggled to enlist volunteers — until they employed a simple tactic using MarketVolt emails.

AMA-STL sent this email to its subscribers. The email listed several ways to volunteer. Each opportunity in the list was a link. The email had a clear call to action: “…become involved in the AMA by clicking the link(s) in the area(s) you would be interested in volunteering your talents.”

Those who clicked jumped to a thank you page that said, “A Committee Head will be in touch with you soon to see how we can get you involved!”

AMA volunteer coordinators used MarketVolt’s tracking system to identify who clicked which links, and then they called those who clicked to confirm each volunteer prospect’s interest and to close the sale.

The results: AMA-STL increased its volunteer rolls dramatically — with very little cost and effort.

Whether you are nonprofit trying to raise volunteers and donations or you are a for-profit company trying to sell products and services, you should use link-tracking to identify your best prospects, and then you should follow-up with those who click to close the sale.

AMA identified its best volunteer prospects by making it easy for them to click on interesting opportunities. You can identify your best prospects by making it easy for them to click on information about your products and services.

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