We’re exited to announce we’ve joined forces with Zapier so you can automate marketing processes by integrating MarketVolt with other applications.

Zapier is like a bridge that allows you to connect MarketVolt with customer relationship management (CRM) programs like Salesforce or Zoho, event management programs like EventBrite, survey tools like Survey Monkey, office suites like Google docs, and more.

What’s the point? Save time. Save money. And get better results.

All-in-one “marketing automation” tools are expensive and usually have email tools that are not as good as MarketVolt and customer relationship databases that are not as good as stand-alone CRMs. Our approach is to let you choose your own CRM and then easily connect it to MarketVolt. And by connecting to MarketVolt via Zapier, you also can build bridges to multiple tools and easily build automated business processes using the applications you know and prefer.

Here’s the complete list of applications with which MarketVolt can connect via Zapier.

To learn more about marketing automation with MarketVolt and Zapier, email integrate@www.marketvolt.com with your questions or comments, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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