I recently received an email with the following subject line: “Who Pays for Mom’s or Dad’s Nursing Home Bill?”

As someone with an aging parent, I was intrigued so I opened the email.

The email included several messages, but this was the one related to the subject line:

Many marketing lessons here…

  1. Ask a provocative question in your subject line.
    A provocative question inspires readers to open the email in search of an answer.  The question in this subject line drove me to action.
  2. Address your prospects’ fears.
    People with aging parents often fear they may have to cover nursing home costs which they can’t afford. This email says, in effect, “If you’re concerned about this, we can help.” Some marketers say they don’t want to be “fear mongers.” If you offer a valid solution to a real problem, you are not a fear monger when you cite that problem in your marketing. You are a fear monger when you overstate a problem or don’t have an honest solution for it.
  3. Give Readers a Reason to Click
    This email message ends with:: “Learn what you can to to protect yourself… Read More.” That’s an excellent call to action.  The copy includes a strong benefit statement — “…protect yourself.” By including the “Read More” link, the marketer can track interest. Those who click the link are warmer prospects than those who don’t. The email marketer can send a targeted follow-up email to those who click. Or, perhaps, a broker can place a follow-up phone call to clients who click. The idea is to use links to gauge interest and qualify prospects.



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