We talk a lot around MarketVolt about how to market more productively — so you can get greater return with less time, effort and cost. That’s why we were so pumped to see this post from the good folks at the Impact Blog: The Time-Wasting Marketing Tactics You Need to Drop Immediately.

First of all, we love the post title. It caught our attention. Then we read the post, we were happy to stress several points we constantly emphasize:

  1. Facebook is making it tougher for marketers to get their messages through to prospects. So you need to be more strategic and careful about how you invest time and dollars in this platform.
  2. On Twitter, you’re wasting time if you focus too much on the quantity of followers. Focus, instead, on the quality of your followers.
  3. Don’t buy email lists!
  4. Don’t burn time focusing too much on technical SEO tricks.

Our summary doesn’t do this great post justice. Rather than write it all here, we’re happy to share it. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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