When you ask people for their email addresses, many of them will wonder two things:

  1. What will you send me?
  2. Will you protect my data or will you share it with others?

The email signup form on your web site should answer both questions.

Our friends at Dance St. Louis, a MarketVolt client, do a great job of answering the first question with their email signup form…



Here’s the “join our email list” form from the front page of the MarketVolt.com site.



The copy above the form answers the first question. What will you send me? “Twice-monthly emails with marketing strategy, tactics, other tips and news to help you grow your business.” Answering this question is essential.

If you don’t describe the benefits of joining your list, fewer people will join.

The copy below the form answers the second question. Will you protect my data or will you share it with others? “We value your privacy. We won’t share your contact information with anyone, and you can opt-out from our mailing list at any time.”

If you don’t address the fear about privacy, fewer people will join your list.

There’s one more list-building principle reflected in this form: Don’t ask for too much information. We ask for just first name, last name and email address. If you ask for more than that, fewer people will join your list.

Having a well designed signup form — in a prominent place on your site — is essential to grow your business. The more you grow your email list, the more you’ll grow your business.



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