Every marketer can learn something by watching a great new television ad from ExxonMobil.

In the ad, a woman fires-up the gas stove and drops an egg in boiling water before we see a progression of scenes showing what came before the egg — engineers mapping the next well, helicopter pilots approaching an oil rig, conveyors carrying eggs from the hen house and packaging them, a truck fueling up and then heading down the road with eggs in tow, a tanker at sea, a grocery employee flipping on the lights at the store and stocking the egg cooler with products.

The narrator then says, “You don’t need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible…because we do. We’re ExxonMobil, and powering the world responsibly is our job. Because boiling an egg isn’t as simple as just boiling an egg. Life takes energy. Energy lives here.”

That is really good stuff!

So what can a humble marketer like you — without an oil company’s budget — do with that?

You can remember that your marketing messages shouldn’t focus on the products or services you offer. Your marketing messages should focus on the outcomes those products and services yield.

ExxonMobil reminds us that it gives you the everyday activities of life — boiling an egg, flipping a light switch, running a vehicle — and the peace of mind of knowing you can count on those things.

The ad doesn’t say, “We sell oil and gasoline.” Oil and gasoline are just a means to an end — just as your products and services are a means to an end.

Focus on the end — the outcomes and benefits. Your marketing messages will be stronger.

Here’s the ad…


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