When we build web sites for ourselves and our clients, we almost always use the WordPress content management system. Here are five reasons we love WordPress:

1) It’s free. WordPress is open source software. No license fee for the base system. You may pay small fees for a theme (the design container), plugins (to extend your site’s functionality) and hosting. But the foundation is free. Many content management systems charge big license fees.

2) Design flexibility. WordPress has thousands of available design skins, called themes. Many are free. Some have a small fee — usually $75 or lower. WordPress began as a platform for blogging, and design options were limited. Today, you can create a site that is uniquely yours without spending large amounts on custom design.

3) Simple to use. You don’t need technical skills to master WordPress. If you know how to use a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, you can easily create and edit content for your WordPress site. We’ve built dozens of WordPress sites. Once we show clients how to use WordPress (in just a few minutes of training), we rarely receive requests for further instruction.

4) Functionality options. You can easily add functionality to your WordPress web site with simple-to-install plugins. Many plugins are free. Others require a small fee. With most plugins, installation and customization requires no additional programming so you save significant time and money because you do not have to hire programmers to create the functionality from scratch. We use plugins to enhance WordPress sites with e-commerce functionality, event calendars, password-protected membership sections, photo galleries and online donation forms — among other modules.

5) Search engine optimization. WordPress is designed to be search-engine friendly. So Google and the other search engines are more likely to find your site if built on WordPress.


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