During the holiday season, I visit a lot of web sites to monitor the latest marketing trends, gather design ideas, and generally keep track of who’s doing what. I visited J.Crew’s web site recently and was greeted by the following in a popup window…

That’s an excellent signup form. Here’s what I like about it:

  1. It’s eye-catching. Whether presented as a popup window or a static element on the page, the form calls out to visitors. “YOU FIRST” draws you in.
  2. The form clearly and concisely describes a core benefit of joining the list: “…get our latest style news before everybody else.” J.Crew understands that exclusive email content encourages people to join the list and keeps them opening your emails.
  3. The form is short. The more info you request, the fewer people will join. J.Crew gets this.
  4. The form includes a link to a privacy policy. People want to know what you’ll do with their email address. Make it easy for them to find the answer.

Eye-catching. Concise. Clearly stated benefits. Transparent privacy policy. That’s a formula for a great signup form.

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