We were glad to see a new study that underscores a marketing idea we share often: If you want to build your email list, offer free content in exchange for an address.

Demand generation company Ascend2 surveyed 251 marketing, sales and business professionals, 42% of whom said content downloads are the most effective tactic they use for to grow their email lists.

The most popular tactic (43%): creating members-only content that requires prospects to exchange an email address for access.

At MarketVolt, we offer eBooks, free reports and other resources to attract leads (note the offer for subject line tips on this page). We don’t have members-only content on our sites, but we have built sites for clients who use this very effective tactic.

Here’s a link to a Marketing Profs article about the Ascend2 study. And here’s a summary of the survey results.




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