Google Analytics is a great, free tool you can use to track traffic on your web site. If you haven’t deployed Analytics on your site, we recommend you do so soon.

With Analytics you can track not only how many people visit various pages on your site, but also how they got there. This means you can track which marketing campaigns — email, social, or any other media — are successfully driving traffic to your site and converting.

To enable Analytics tracking, you must use custom links when you drive traffic to your pages.

This sounds trickier than it is. Here’s a simple example that demonstrates the concept and explains how you can use Analytics to track your marketing campaigns.

MarketVolt offers free, downloadable resources at We have run campaigns via email and social media to drive traffic to that page. To measure which works better, we deployed Google Analytics on our landing page and set up distinct links to drive traffic to that page from our email and social campaigns:

Clicking on either link will get you to the same place. But for tracking purposes, the links are distinct. By building the links this way, we track exactly how much traffic — and how many conversions — we generated from the email campaign versus the social media campaign.

Building such links is easy. Here’s a tutorial and link-builder form that Google provides. Bookmark this page and generate trackable links quickly and easily whenever you need them.

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