I read lots of blog posts and articles about email marketing. This one is among the best I’ve read in months. The folks at Email on Acid nail it with the post entitled How to Lose an Email Subscriber in 10 Days

The post likens email marketing — and marketing in general — to a courting process. And it describes 10 things you can do to drive your potential mate away.

We like the metaphor.

Several years back, we published a post here about the concept we call marketing to the maybes. The post began:

Imagine you’re single, looking for a new long-term relationship. You enter a room full of strangers and see someone whom you find attractive. You walk over, introduce yourself, and converse. You deliver some of your best material—funny anecdotes about yourself, details about your high-powered career, evidence of your passionate, yet sensitive side. The stranger is smiling at you, laughing at your jokes, making eye contact, enjoying your company.

And then you deliver the call to action: “Please marry me!”

Whoa, now, Romeo! Not so fast. Juliet dashes out the door.

What’s the point of that story? I’ll let the Email on Acid post take it from here:

“Just because someone gave you their email for a free download or signed up to get your newsletter does NOT mean you should respond immediately with a hard sale. You have to court your new leads and show them the value of your product before asking them to take out their checkbook!”

Some subscribers are ready to buy. Others are maybes. Use your email content to build build the relationship, establish trust, demonstrate expertise, deliver value. Then, when you deliver the pitch, you’ll have more maybes who have evolved into willing prospects, eager to buy your products or services.


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