A good landing page can mean the difference between acquiring a new lead/customer or not. That’s why we’re always looking for good tips on how to improve landing page conversions.

The marketers at Quicksprout recently shared 10 landing page tips that we think are right on. We advise that you make your marketing customer-centric. Frame content that addresses your audience’s desires and fears. Give your audience a clear reason to act on your offer. Quick Sprout’s tips are all about that.

Here are some nuggets from the article:

  • Keep it minimal – A cluttered landing page can distract visitors from the most important aspects and make navigating your site confusing.
  • Include testimonials – Social proof increases conversions. A human face touting your value is more credible than “marketing copy.”
  • Publish contact information – Your primary call-to-action might be “buy now” or “opt-in,” but would you mind if leads reached out to you directly? They can’t find you if you don’t give them your contact information.

The key points here: Include on the page what you need to convert — and nothing else. We see lots of landing pages that have too much. Lots of unnecessary and confusing links. Flashy colors and animations. Stuff that districts from the call-to-action.  Appearance matters, but a great-looking page is not always a functional page. Function comes first.

Like Quick Sprout, we recommend sticking to the basics and keeping it simple.

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