A listbuiliding technique was implemented at a delicious burger restaurant in Clayton, Mo. Here's a pictures of a burger with juicy meat and lots of sauce.

Regular email newsletters are a great way for restaurants and other hang-out destinations to drive repeat business.

That’s why we encourage our restaurant clients to devise creative ways to build their email lists.

The more people you add to your list, the more repeat business you can drive.

Five Star Burgers introduced a great list-building tactic at its Clayton, MO location a few months ago.

They collect emails from patrons who use their free wi-fi service.

Five Star has offered free wi-fi for many years. Customers checked their phone for available wi-fi, found Five Star’s  network, asked the server for the password and logged in — if they entered the password correctly.

Kind of a hassle, right?

With the new system, customers see Five Star’s wi-fi network and enter their email, not a password, to connect.

When a customer connects, their email is instantly sent to Five Star’s MarketVolt database. Two hours later, MarketVolt automatically sends a thank you email with a coupon valid for 30 days.

Five Star has added more than 100 new recipients per month to its database.

Open rates for the follow-up email have been excellent — 43 percent.

And more than 13 percent of follow-up recipients have clicked to get the coupon.

With results like these, it’s just about as hard to pass up this list-building technique as it is one of Five Star’s Blue Ribbon Burgers.

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