So you want to increase your open rates. Here's a video quick tip in which MarketVolt President Tom Ruwitch explains how to make that happen. 

If you want to increase the open rate for the next email you send, make the email you last sent more relevant, more interesting, more informative. Open rates go down when people don't like what you're sending them. 

Don't worry so much about subject lines, don't worry about some of the other factors, just make your emails interesting, informative, helpful, and interesting. Not too pitchy, the more interesting and informative your content, the more likely that people will continue to open them, week after week, month after month, regardless of your subject lines and all those other factors. Interesting content, that's the key.


  1. Norm Benedict on October 8, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Currently your firm helps us post two monthly newsletters. We’re averaging around a 35% open rate on them. Both are planned as succinct but provocative in headline and subject matter. Can you tell us what you consider a good return? We’ve been above 40% a few times, but never higher. One was launched 3.6 years ago; the other is 4.5 years old.

    We also write a weekly national blog-like piece that’s posted by the client (based in Madison, WI.) It’s placed on several Facebook pages, and seemingly does well, but can only tell from the number of readers who respond to each release.

    • Tom Ruwitch on December 5, 2018 at 8:52 pm

      Most businesses in your position would be very happy with an open rate of 35-40%. In fact, 20% is considered to be a good open rate in many cases. A lot depends on how you built your list and how often you clean it. If it’s a good clean list — filled with people who genuinely want to hear from you — your open rate will be higher than if you scrape together a list or (worse yet) buy one. Also, the quality of content matters alot. If people don’t consider your content interesting and relevant, the open rate may decline. Short answer: You’re doing pretty well with 35%+

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