Congratulations to MarketVolt client the Missouri History Museum which oversaw the renovation of the St. Louis Soldiers Memorial and Military Museum.

Last weekend, the Memorial re-opened with new exhibits. The Missouri History museum spent years updating the Memorial into a state-of-the-art facility that will educate visitors for years to come.

MarketVolt’s Director Of Client Care, Lori Naeger attended the re-opening. Her husband Nick is an architect with Mackey Mitchell Architects, the firm behind the transformation of the Soldiers Memorial. Lori was so moved by the experience that she wrote down her thoughts and shared it with the rest of the team first thing Monday morning. We were inspired to share that email with you.

This weekend Nick and I visited the re-dedication of the St. Louis Soldiers Memorial, we heard amazing, inspiring speeches from the entire stage of participants from Brigadier Generals, to city dignitaries. One quote hit me in my core a little later on as I toured the renovated building. Dr. Frances Levin, President of the Missouri Historical Society said, "In Jewish culture, we consider a person who passes to die twice. Once at the time of leaving this world and the second when their name is no longer mentioned. This museum is to make sure no soldiers name ever goes unsaid."

The museum was having guests create a large poppy that will be carried by volunteers in the Veterans Day Parade Saturday, November 10. The remembrance poppy is an artificial flower that has been used since 1921 to commemorate military personnel who have died in war (see the poem "In Flanders Fields"). The volunteer handed me a stick with a man's name, I immediately without thinking read the name out loud. She proceeded to tell me to take a look around the museum for the soldier and learn more about him. I did. His details are below. It suddenly hit me so profoundly as I walked through the displays, I did just what the intent was set out to do, secure the memory of those who fought for our freedoms. I walked over to Nick with my realization and almost couldn't get the words out, I was so awestruck. What a wonderful legacy they have created which in true St. Louis fashion is free and open to the public. Great work Missouri History Museum, Soldiers Memorial Military Museum. Mackey Mitchell Architects for the hard work behind the renovation.

MarketVolt is proud to call St. Louis home. We’re proud to be partners with the Missouri History Museum. We’re proud to be in the very center of one of the fastest growing tech innovation hubs in the country.

Congratulations Missouri History Museum! Congratulations Mackey Mitchell! Thank you, Lori, for your email which hit us right in the heart. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be associated with such amazing folks.

P.S. Our readers from outside of the St. Louis area might have noticed in Lori’s email that she mentioned that the Soldiers Memorial “in true St. Louis fashion is free and open to the public”. That is true St. Louis fashion. We live in a city in which many of the things that make our city great are free or extremely affordable. The St. Louis Zoo, The St. Louis Art Museum, The Missouri History Museum and The St. Louis Science Center have free admission. The Missouri Botanical garden offers residents free admission at certain time on certain days. The St. Louis Municipal Opera, (The Muny) allots 1500 free seats for every performance. We could go on and on. We are truly lucky to call St. Louis home, both as a business and as people.

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