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If You Want Referrals, Just Ask

Referral Network

I know a financial adviser who complains that his clients don’t refer enough business to him. He has relied on referrals to grow his business. But lately, clients aren’t helping. He hosts a lot of events for his clients, and he hopes they’ll bring friends. His event invitations include little hints to encourage his clients,…

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Content is More Important than Video Quality

I recently shot a quick-tip video that (I think) has some good marketing advice. I propped my phone over my computer monitor. Shot the 2:30 second video. I saved the video to my YouTube channel. And then linked to it in this email. The entire process took less than five minutes and cost me $0. Why’d…

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In Marketing, Context is King

Ads on a Bulletin Boards

Is leaflet marketing effective? That’s the question a guy on one of my favorite marketing forums asked recently. The conversation that followed was chock full of marketing lessons Responses ranged from rude to right-on. This response is rude: “Leaflets are good for starting fires in my wood stove.” That’s not helpful. And it’s misleading. This…

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Ketchup Company Serves Up Ads to Savor

Why do you buy ketchup? That’s not a trick question (and if you’re thinking, “I don’t buy ketchup,” please go with this anyhow). I ask the question because I discovered a great ad campaign recently — for Heinz Ketchup — that gets it right. The campaign slogan: “Celebrating 150 Years of Clean Plates.” The ads…

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Beware of Misleading Stats

MarketVolt Marketing Tip: Beware of Misleading Stats

I recently saw a fancy infographic full of stats about email marketing. It made my head spin. Under the heading “Email Marketing ROI,” the graphic declared, “Every $1 spent on email marketing generates $38 in revenue.” Wow! That’s pretty good. But wait… Underneath that, was this claim: “Email marketing ROI is 28.5% compared to only…

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Marketing Lessons from an Influential Fisherman

(Author’s note: After posting this, I spoke to the fisherman featured below. He asked me to identify him by name in the post. So, in this version of the story, I have changed the fisherman’s name to respect his wishes.) My buddy Mark is a great fisherman. He fills his social media with photos of…

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Be Careful With Statistics. They Can Mislead.

As I write this, I’m sitting in Nashville, Tennessee, where I’m attending a music festival. Last night I dropped my cousin off at her apartment on the west side of town. We drove 25 minutes and were still within the city limits of Nashville. Nashville covers 526 square miles. St. Louis covers 66 square miles.…

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Video Quick Tip: The Secret to Getting Your Emails Opened

So you want to increase your open rates. Here’s a video quick tip in which MarketVolt President Tom Ruwitch explains how to make that happen.  If you want to increase the open rate for the next email you send, make the email you last sent more relevant, more interesting, more informative. Open rates go down…

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Don’t Waste Time Overdesigning Emails

Photo of graphic designer fussing with color choices

Someone who subscribes to my twice-weekly emails wrote to me recently with a suggestion: Make the emails prettier. My emails are text-only. No logo. No pictures. No colored text. No multi-column layouts. Just copy. “Why pretty ’em up?” I asked. “To make them more appealing,” she said. “If I don’t make them pretty, will you…

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