1st Financial Federal Credit Union is one of MarketVolt's many email marketing campaign clients
One of MarketVolt's many clients seeking counsel in email marketing and e marketing guidance

“It’s very fast and for us it was more economic. We have just really enjoyed working with MarketVolt. It’s worked out really well”

Laura Woods- Marketing Communications Manager

The Client

1st Financial Federal Credit Union is a full-service credit union chartered in 1968 that serves individuals and businesses in the City of St. Louis and and St. Louis County and St. Charles counties. 1st Financial has four locations in the St. Louis region and has 30,000 members and $199 million in assets. The credit union previously used a marketing service, but it typically took two weeks to produce and distribute marketing emails.

Primary Goals

  • Quickly create and send marketing emails to credit union members and prospects to inform them of product offerings and ultimately increase sales.
  • Have the support necessary to ensure that if any problems arose marketing emails would go out as planned.

The Solution

1st Financial uses MarketVolt’s software to quickly and easily create its own marketing emails, send them to recipients and track the results. The credit union also uses MarketVolt’s creative services team to create certain emails. The campaigns provide 1st Financial’s recipients with valuable information on subjects ranging from car loans and mortgage lending to personal investments.

The Results

By using MarketVolt, 1st Financial has energized its email marketing program, improving the interaction and response from email recipients. 1st Financial has reduced the time, effort and cost to run email campaigns, and generated improved overall ROI.  By tracking clicks in emails, 1st Financial has been able to identify best prospects for selected products and services and follow-up more efficiently with them.

An example of an email marketing campaign in the St. Louis area

“Our open rates have increased. We’ve increased our number of sends and can send faster. And we can be more engaging with graphics.”

-Laura Woods