ElectroSavings is an email marketing client with MarketVolt
One of MarketVolt's many clients seeking guidance in email marketing strategy and e marketing

“Getting into email marketing was just something we did not have time to handle on our own. I thought it would be very time consuming. It isn’t with MarketVolt. Prior to MarketVolt we did not have a means to communicate with our 19,000+ members efficiently, cost effectively and quickly. MarketVolt has given us the ability.”

Lisa Farnen- VP Marketing

The Client

Electro Savings Credit Union is a full-service credit union started in 1941 that serves individuals and businesses in St. Louis and eight surrounding counties. Electro has four locations in the St. Louis region and has 19,000 members and $150 million in assets.

Primary Goals

  • Efficiently send email marketing to credit union members and prospects to inform them of product offerings and ultimately increase sales.
  • Deliver important notices quickly when necessary — for example in cases of credit card data breaches.
  • Meet compliance standards without having to jump through hoops.

The Solution

Electro Savings Credit Union uses MarketVolt’s software to create its own marketing emails, send them to recipients and track the results. The emails provide Electro’s recipients with valuable information on subjects ranging from how to finance a business, protection against ID theft and options when considering a car loan. Electro also is using Marketvolt’s survey tool to quickly and easily collect customer preference data, which can in turn be used to target relevant marketing emails to customers. Electro also has used MarketVolt for security alerts when major retailers have announced system breaches.

The Results

By using MarketVolt to send valuable content to its customers and prospective customers, Electro has built a strong channel for marketing communications. Its list, once just 7,500, is now at 10,300 and business growth has followed. Electro has saved money by shifting to an email newsletter to from an expensive print newsletter that was time-consuming to produce. The email newsletter has generated more positive feedback and led directly to sales growth.

An example newsletter from a client here in St. Louis. Electro Savings works with MarketVolt to ensure a successful email marketing campaign

“When the Target data breach occurred, we were quickly able to determine which of our members might be affected and communicate that we would be sending them new debit and credit card numbers. This saved our members a lot of heartaches to know that their credit union was proactively on top of the situation. MarketVolt helps to contribute to the growth that we’ve had in recent years.”

-Lisa Farnen