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Shameful Email Marketing Tactics that You Should Avoid

Shame comes from poor email marketing technique

What’s the worst email marketing advice you’ve ever received? I saw that question on an online forum and spent a few entertaining minutes touring this email marketing hall of shame. Sadly, every exhibit in the hall exposed tactics that many marketers continue to employ — to their detriment. If you want to master email marketing,…

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Read Your Out-of-Office Replies

Every time I send a bulk email, I receive a pile of out-of-office replies. When I first began managing email campaigns 15 years ago, I would ignore those automated replies. I thought it was kind of a pain to go through those replies. “Why bother?” I thought. Wow, what a mistake! Sure, many of those emails simply…

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Conduct Spring Cleaning to Avoid the Spam Filter Torture Chamber

Many spam filter companies torture marketers who are not guilty. When we legitimate marketers object to their shady tactics, the companies question our values and our commitment to a spam-free world.   I know ”torture” is a loaded word. I don’t mean to suggest that these companies literally subject marketers to physical pain. But the…

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500+ Characters and an Image Can Beat the Spam Filters

We often remind you not to send image-only emails. We have always recommended a combination of text and images in your emails because image-only emails can trigger spam filters. We have been reluctant, though, to recommend strict text-to-image ratios, even though we’ve heard various recommendations suggesting that the ratio should be 60/40. We hesitated to recommend such…

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Sending SPAM is Not Illegal, But That Doesn’t Make it OK

A prospect of ours recently purchased a list of email addresses and asked whether he could upload the list into MarketVolt and start sending emails to the list. Our answer was “no.” With rare exceptions, we do not allow our clients to load purchased lists into MarketVolt. Sending to a purchased list would be unsolicited…

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Five Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email marketing remains among the most effective tools to engage followers, identify your best prospects, and close sales. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to conduct email marketing campaigns. If you want to maximize the return on your email marketing investment, you should follow some best practices and avoid some common mistakes.…

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Nine Reasons to Invest in an Email Service Provider

A woman looks in exasperation at a screen following a failed email marketing campaign

We hear from many small business people who want to save a few bucks on their email marketing program and do it without a paid service. They say, “I can do the same thing you offer by creating and sending emails through my desktop email software. I create the email; paste the email addresses in…

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Tom Ruwitch Featured on Tiny Business, Mighty Profits

Tiny business, mighty profits radio person

Our friend Russ Henneberry has a great blog called Tiny Business, Mighty Profits. I was honored to have Russ invite me to be intereviewed on his internet radio show that he includes on the blog. In the 40-minute discussion, archived on the site, we discussed: Learn: The 3 reasons you shouldn’t be using Outlook, Gmail,…

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The Hidden Risk of Hosting Your Email Broadcasts

Email marketing requires knowledge of IP addresses. For some St. Louis marketing firms, this can prove challenging.

I recently got a call from a former prospect who is president of a company here in St. Louis. To save money, he chose not to work with MarketVolt, and instead installed a free email marketing application on his company’s servers. After a few months of sending email newsletters to a list of people who all had opted in, he began to notice a problem:

A certain internet service provider — a big one that serves many of the people on his list — was blocking delivery of the email newsletter. But worse yet, that internet service provider was blocking all emails sent from the company’s network.

Not only were the newsletters being blocked, but emails from the company president to individuals who host their email boxes with that internet service provider.

“What can I do?” he asked me.

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