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Lessons from an "Intriguing" Email

A coworker recently shared with me an email she received that had the subject line, “Could our NEW features work for you too?” What a great subject line! And what a great use of email to engage lapsed customers. The email came from a conference call service that we previously used but had not used…

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The Most Inauthentic Television Ad I’ve Ever Seen

Preparing your taxes can be a joyous experience! (Stick with me here…) When you pay your taxes, you get to relive all the great things you did all year. You get to share your  life story — record the fact that you got married (finally!), bought a new house (hooray!) and had a baby (awesome!).…

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We All Sell the Same Things: Fulfillment and Relief

What does the language learning company Rosetta Stone sell? This is not a trick question. Of course, Rosetta Stone delivers language learning programs to its clients. But those programs are not what Rosetta Stone sells. Yes, I meant what I wrote: The products and services that the company delivers are not what the company sells.…

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Ask Happy Clients to Spread the Love. You’ll Sell More

Happy clients are sure to pass on the word that your business is helpful. Treat them right.

I recently met a business consultant who includes a stack of recommendation letters from happy clients with every proposal he writes. Over the top? Perhaps. But this guy has the right idea. Recommendations influence buying decisions. You have happy clients. Encourage them to share their happiness, and you will sell more. As soon as you…

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Three Tips to Make Your Copy Less Boring and More Persuasive

A man sits in frustration after struggling to do an email campaign by himself

Clients ask me all the time how they can improve the performance of their email marketing campaigns. Nine times out of 10, their writing needs to improve. If you fill your emails with boring, unpersuasive copy, you will have bored, un-persuaded readers.  It doesn’t matter what you offer or how good the deal. If your…

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