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Trade Show Marketing

Do Your Ads Belong in a Toilet?

An image of a urinal in a e marketing office in St. Louis

I stumbled across this question on an online marketing forum recently: “Anyone tried public toilet advertising? What was the output?” Eleven people responded. Half offered good “output” jokes. Example: “(The output was) piss poor.” Others offered serious, earnest responses… “We did public toilet advertising … and it was amazingly successful.” “Personally I think it is…

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Technology Can Automate Follow-ups

Trade show follow-up used to be a nightmare for my company’s sales people until we automated the process with technology. Now we re-connect within minutes with the people we meet at our booth. We impress them with our diligence and attention. We sell more as a result. We do it all with less time and…

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Don’t Wait Until Your List is "Big Enough"

I commonly hear this objection from business people considering email marketing: “I would like to get started with email marketing but my email list is not big enough.” I call this the “small list myth.” The reality: A business can profit significantly from email marketing even with a tiny list. Here’s an example… Last month,…

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How The "Inbound vs. Outbound" Myth Can Hurt Your Business

I met recently with a friend and small business owner who wants to increase sales and profits. When I suggested email marketing, he said, “I don’t want to do outbound marketing. I want to do inbound marketing.” I asked him to define the distinction. “With inbound marketing, you use blogs, search engine marketing and other…

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A Business Card is Not a License to Send Unwanted Emails

At a trade show last month, I dropped my card in the fishbowl at a vendor’s booth to enter a sweepstakes. I never received an email telling me whether I won the free tablet computer. But a few weeks later I began receiving the vendor’s email promotions. Here’s the problem: I never gave the vendor…

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Why "Collect and Call" Doesn’t Work with Trade Shows

Trade shows can be great for connecting with new leads, nurturing existing relationships, and even closing sales. But too often, I see businesses mishandling the opportunity. Case in point: A few months ago, I received a call from someone who said, “Hi. I have your card. I think you gave it to me at the…

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