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Web Site Development

Make Your Web Site a List-Building Machine

A woman passes along a business card to a potential business connection

Imagine a prospect walks into your place of business and offers you a card. “I’m not ready to buy, but I’d be happy to receive more information about special offers, new products, or other news. Here’s my contact information,” the prospect says. Would you refuse to take the card? It’s not a trick question. Every…

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Navigating Your Way to A User-Friendly Web Site

A man reaches a fork in the road

Is your web site easy to navigate? If visitors can’t navigate your site quickly and easily, they’ll flee. When we build sites, we ask our clients to imagine their clients’ agendas. What are visitors expecting to do when on your site? The answers will vary for different audiences. For example, some visitors may be clients…

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Building a Web Site with Purpose

A stack of special reports from MarketVolt

What is the purpose of your website? Really, do you know? Too many businesses build websites without a clear idea of their purpose. Of course, the answers may vary, but every website should, at the very least, do this: capture leads. Your site should be a place where people can learn about your business and…

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