Your Data is Secure

Every day seems to bring the latest big news about a security breach, whether it’s a national security leak, theft of credit card numbers or invasions of privacy. At MarketVolt, we are dedicated to vigilance in protecting the email addresses and other information you store on MarketVolt systems. We never sell your list of recipients, and we maintain the highest security protections around all your data.

We provide the heightened levels of security required by our customers in the health care and financial industries that handle confidential personal information. We make sure our clients reach the security standards required by law – and surpass them.

We currently utilize a 2048-bit certificate with SHA-1 encryption for secure communications, and we plan to update our certificate and encryption protocol to SHA-2 in the coming months.

Other examples of our security measures include stringent password protection policies, firewalls, intrusion detection and anti-virus protection.

Yet, here is the key: one can never be satisfied. The security landscape is changing constantly in the technology industry, and we are changing with it.

We also need your help. We encourage our MarketVolt customers to embrace sound security measures in using MarketVolt software and services to achieve your digital marketing goals.


Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Do not share your MarketVolt username and password — with anyone.
  2. Passwords should be at least 8 characters in length.
  3. Vary the types of characters in your passwords; include numbers, letters and special characters when possible.
  4. Do not use an easily guessed password. Examples include ‘password1′, ‘1234567’, ‘letmein’, birthdays, children’s names, and other common words.
  5. Do not store sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers in your MarketVolt database.


If you have any questions about MarketVolt security, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you.

Bill Langton
Chief Technologist